Palisades Rail Trail Rockland | County, NY

Palisades Rail Trail Rockland  |  County, NY.jpg

Project Highlights

+ TEC performed a NYSDOT Primary and Secondary Control Survey to re-establish site control for construction and right of way layout.

+ Construction layout of 7,000 feet of NYSDOT designed rail trail and bridge over railroad.

+ Setting 42 NYSDOT concrete right of way monuments.

+ Numerous topographic and profiling tasks needed for engineering during construction.

Jay Street Re-Alingment | Schenectady County, NY


Project Highlights

+ Right of way and adjoining boundary surveys performed for highway re-alingment.

+ High detail topographic and utility mapping.

+ Right of way and topographic surveys covered approximately 3,000 feet of roadway and 5 acres of adjoining fields.

+ Six appropriation maps prepared meeting NYSDOT standards.