Infrastructure (Markets)

Cricket Valley Gas Tie-in to Iroquois Pipeline | Dutchess County, NY

Cricket Valley Gas Tie-in to Iroquois Pipeline .jpeg

Project Highlights

+ Construction layout of right of way, tie in point, connection pipe, and meter building.

+ Topographic survey of disturbance area and pipe alignment.

+ Tie into existing right of way and control.

+ Coordination with numerous property owners, construction managers, and utility owners.

Cricket Valley Transmission Line | Dutchess County, NY

circket valley.jpeg

Project Highlights

+ Right of way survey and stakeout along 18 miles of transmission line corridor.

+ Construction layout of all roads, towers, clearing limits, and pads along corridor.

+ High Accuracy GPS and Traverse control network designed for geodetic tie in.

+ Coordination with utility owner, right of way owner, and construction managers.

Bulls Head Road Bridge Replacement | Dutchess County, NY

Bulls Head Road Bridge Replacement.jpeg

Project Highlights

+ Right of way and topographic survey for bridge replacement and highway alignment.

+ Detailed bridge structure and abutment survey.

+ Stream cross sections 500’ each side of bridge.

+ Preparation of appropriation mapping and descriptions.

Old Roaring Brook Road | Westchester County, NY

old roaring brook road.jpeg

Project Highlights

+ Right of way, topographic, and utility survey of 3,000 feet of historic dirt road.

+ Historic, environmentally, and politically sensitive site required professional conduct and good relations with adjoining land owners.

+ Extensive boundary research was needed do to the variable width right of way and little boundary evidence.

+ Survey was prepared for the design of bioretention basins and drainage upgrades along the road.